Wednesday, September 14, 2011


by Jean Jacobs

I would like to begin by thanking my community and the 189 Registered Republicans that signed my ORIGINAL PETITION for Mayor in the City of Kingston, which allowed me the honor and the privilege to become a candidate on the GOP Primary ballot for Mayor. Your faith and trust in my leadership gave me the courage to continue my quest for Mayor in the City of Kingston. During the last eight months I have sacrificed many hours of my time and I took great pleasure in serving each and everyone of you.

Unfortunately the PRIMARY ELECTION had a low turnout and I received minimal votes which only strengthens my convictions of how critical it is for each and everyone of you to stay informed regarding your tax dollars and hold present administration accountable. In an election one vote can count and presently the City of Kingston Primary Candidates are facing this very issue.

As I look into my Crystal Ball I see a great future for my fine City but there is much turbulence and frustration ahead for our next Mayor. Public Safety and Quality of Life is critical if we are going to prosper and grow. Before we can offer revitalization, jobs, and businesses we must recognize our top priority A SAFE CITY.

In closing I would like to first thank my family who has understood my commitment and dedication over the last eight months to my candidacy for Mayor in the City of Kingston. Also working side by side with my opponents over the last 8 months has been a journey worth every minute of my time. WHY? We agree to disagree that is the wonderful freedom of democracy that I so respect. Next I would like to thank the local media for their coverage and publications on many of my issues and platforms over the last 8 months. Also a special thank you to WGHQ for radio time and for all of the listeners who participated in the mayoral race and to all my special friends who were there for me during my campaign. Last but not least I would like to extend best wishes and continued success to our Honorable Mayor James Sottile.
Jean C. Jacobs

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