Saturday, September 3, 2011

COPPER CASE by Jean Jacobs GOP Candidate for Mayor

To: Paul Kirby
Subject: Ethics verses standards of compliance business management
Sent: Sep 1, 2011 4:22 PM

After further reviewing today's article Ms. Levin is mixing apples and oranges. My analysis: Honorable Mayor as it appears authorized 5.000 which he can authorize I have been told by corporate council. Next phase there should be a pre requisite estimate outlining the work to be accomplished. City inspectors were aware of the removal which took 5 days.  Back to the prerequisite estimate which should have outlined all work to be accomplished for the 5.000. Independent Contractor thought he had per mission takes us back once again to the 5.000 estimate and what the expense included and the name of the subcontractor. This protects him and the city. I am not confident that what I am outlining in my response to this issue was provided. As a taxpayer I feel we are entitled to this information. I see this as an internal business requirement when the city enters into a professional business agreement to purchase services  they have a purchase order and an estimate outlining the work to be completed. Ethics and internal business controls are two different issues.

To: Paul Kirby
Subject: 5.000 Pre demolition
Sent: Sep 1, 2011 3:46 PM

I confirmed that this expense does not have to go through common council. As a professional finance officer I would ask the following: I want to see the pre requisite for the job and the breakdown of what was inclusive in the $5.000 estimate. This is my strength Paul checks and balances. What source documentation is available for the public taxpayer as it relates to the 5.000. This is taxpayers money and was the sub-contractor an expert working in an area of asbestos? Now we have a removal expense at 300 thousand and counting. I can't believe this. All of the sub contracting information should have also been outlined in the pre requisite estimate.

Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 19:39:02
To: Paul Kirby<>
Subject: 5.000 requisition

Response from City Clerk re: estimate requisition she could not locate one. Checked in purchasing and was not successful in obtaining the written confirmation of estimate for the work to be completed at Kings Inn for 5.000. Jean


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