Monday, August 29, 2011

Jean Jacobs "Mayor for A Day"

I Jean C. Jacobs Mayor of the City of Kingston am imposing an immediate spending freeze on all non-essential spending for all city departments as of September 1, 2011.  
With the possibility of starting the next fiscal year with a budget deficit, I am imposing an immediate spending freeze on all non-essential spending for all city departments.  Every department within the City has a Departmental Budget they must manage and be responsible and accountable for. Let us take into consideration some serious financial decisions that will be affecting the Mayor and the Common Council in the immediate weeks approaching, when the budget will be presented to the public for the 2012 fiscal year.
My professional career as a finance director tells me we are facing a serious financial deficit with little revenue generating possibilities in sight.

If I were Mayor for a day I would facilitate a mandatory department head meeting TODAY and detail the facts and figures outlining the limited funds in contingency which can only be used for emergencies as of September 1, 2011. I am imposing a city wide FREEZE ON SPENDING as of September 2011. I do not want to be in a position as the Leader of my city to borrow additional revenue to offset additional expenses at year end, the city cannot afford. I am also going to be examining our current bond rating and the city's debt obligations and ways to retire that debt before I support additional borrowing. I will also look at what the financial impact of future borrowing will have on our municipal budget 5, 10 and even 20 years from now.

As Mayor I will put together a Comprehensive Capital Improvement Plan where projects are prioritized based on the city's ability to pay and the needs of the community. Without a plan informed decisions cannot be made.

As Mayor Maintaining strong Balanced Budget Management, is a top priority for me. I am also running because current administration has exhibited lack of judgement when it comes to spending YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

Mayoral GOP Candidate
Jean C. Jacobs

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